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Neri better be having a pink baby!

I bought some beautiful pastel colours (and a vibrant pink!) from Lion Brand last year.

They were half price and from the Martha Stewart Cotton Hemp range. I needed 12 balls to make the baby blanket I wanted to attempt, so the half price was a deciding factor! Below is the blanket, but in greens. Cute, yeah?

Find the pattern here

When the yarn arrived, I didn’t love them texture like I normally did when buying from Lion Brand. It wasn’t as soft (duh, read what you’re purchasing; it’s cotton?) so I never attempted the project.

I saw some cool photos on The Crochet Crowd‘s Facebook page and decided I needed to learn how to do a never ending Granny Square blanket. I’ve decided for her that Mrs Neri is having a baby girl, and decided to use that inspiration for the blanket.

This isn’t so hard at all! 
I’d made a couple of mistakes, but found it easy to unpick the stitching to remove the bad stitch, and then continue on. As always, I made a visit to my favourite YouTube channel Very Pink Knits and even though Staci is a master knitter, she has a video series “Crochet for Knitters” which are fantastic. If you’re completely new to knitting or crochet (or a veteran looking to learn some different techniques), Very Pink is an awesome resource to get you going.
It’s starting to look like a blanket now! 

It’s a bit crooked, but once I’ve finished, I’ll block the blanket and it will end up neat and straight. No need to stress about those awkward corners just yet!

Are you currently working on a crafty project?