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Where did the past 20 months go?

It’s been close to two years since I posted, and unsurprisingly it was when I first began my amazing, stressful, emotional, rewarding and powerful journey volunteering with our local cat shelter.

  • 11406916_10153262779756418_1846633720602583930_nI became heavily involved, very quickly with the charity and soon became a board member and then the Secretary. Market stalls, database manager, foster carer, rehome cordinator, the list of roles I dabbled in was endless!
  • I became Assistant Department manager at Coles.
  • A fellow volunteer inspired me to apply for Vet Nursing school.
  • I quit Coles and got a job at the Pet Shop
  • I got in to Vet Nursing School. And qualified. And now have a full time position at an awesome small and large animal vet clinic 6 minutes from my home.
  • I went from having Mum’s farm cats only to visit, to having four of my own (Well three cats and a mini Satan)12189848_10153561231426418_2608746380674114165_n
  • Brad and I celebrated four years together. We super-celebrated having not killed each other yet.
  • Australia (and myself) got Netflix. My social life died even more (and I didn’t think that was possible)
  • Most importantly, I gained some truly wonderful new people in my life. My Vet Nursing buddies and my Cat Shelter ladies. <3
    The class of 2015!
    The class of 2015!

    I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

Catching up!

It’s been a fantastic fortnight since I started volunteering with the Mid West Cat Shelter Inc. It’s very rewarding, and though I know I’ll be devastated when the day comes for the kittens to be adopted, I’ll still know that I helped save their lives and will be able to save more.  I’ve already met some wonderful people involved and I’m having a great time fostering the three kittens!

This is the welcome home I get each day!

Well let’s make that two kittens. I officially adopted one of them barely a week in.

AlexMeet Alex!

They get up to some crazy antics! Backflips off the couch, playing gladiator fighting on the tops of our high-backed office chairs and boy do they give good cuddles when they are finally sleepy!

Below are the photos I am using to help advertise the beautiful boys Marmalade and Fanta, along with this spiel.


Meet FANTA and MARMALADE, 8 weeks old and ready to adopt now. They play so well together and it would be lovely to see them go to the same Forever Home. 

Fanta is a little more boisterous than Marmalade, whereas Marmalade prefers to snuggle and have a bit more quiet time. Together, they are a great team and provide all the cuddles and play a Forever Family could want! Fanta and Marmalade are being fostered in a home with a four year old boy, so they are accustomed to small children and are very patient with him. 

All of our cats are micro-chipped, immunised, health checked and sterilised before going to their new homes. Kittens under the age of 5 months are provided with a sterilisation voucher. The adoption fee for all our cats and kittens is $150 to help towards these costs and to allows us to continue our work towards the welfare of cats in our community.


Having the kittens restricted to the office, means I often sit down to get in some gaming time and get distracted by someone cute wanting attention. (Don’t worry, the office is huge so I’m not being cruel. The room has a double bed, sofa bed, pool table and three desks with plenty of play room)

AlexSaysNoI’m going to eat your face if you don’t bring me food immediately!

I have managed to get in a reasonable about of WoW this week though. I even got valour capped for the first time sins Cataclysm! (and never realised about the Valour of the Ancients buff that grants an additional 50% additional Valor to other characters on the same server!)

Punchdance is one step closer towards her legendary cape. Just need the next two weeks of Valour cap to complete A Test of Valor. I even managed to run a couple of Looking For Raids on Casadella in Resto!

WoWScrnShot_042114_161125That poor Mechanostrider! 

What have you been up to this Easter break? 




Becoming a Kitty Foster Carer!

What a whirlwind of a day. I started browsing photos of Exotic Short Hair kittens, as I always do. always puts a smile on my cranky morning face.

SweetFurr4These adorable faces get me every time!

I would just love to have one of these cats of my very own, but I can only seem to find them available through breeders here in Australia. Whilst I am sure they are fantastic cats, it’s hard to justify paying thousands for a cat, when there are beautiful kitties just waiting for their forever homes in the pound and shelters. Neri gave me the idea to email all of the local rescue groups anyway just to see on the off chance if they had any Exotics. It was on the Mid West Cat Shelter Inc. facebook page that I saw their latest post was looking for more foster carers to join their team as they were at max capacity. It had only been earlier this morning where I was looking at my good friend JessK’s recent Facebook photos of her current foster dogs. She volunteers with Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue Inc and has previously spoken about how rewarding it is.

After a good chat with the boyfriend (and by good chat, I mean bribing him with a roast dinner, dessert and being his barmaid for the next two days) I have sent off my forms to become a Foster Carer! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place!

I would love nothing more than to have my childhood cat Rolly leave the farm and come live with me, but he’s too old to uplift now. And I know he’d never forgive me if I did get my own cat. Fostering is the perfect answer. I get to save lives, find forever homes for wonderful animals and get my crazy cat lady fix at the same time!

Growing up, all of our family pets have been strays, or abandoned animals that we had taken in and given a home to. My first dog (that I got to call my own) when I was around 9 years old was a beautiful German Sheppard cross Dingo. I remember watching TV and hearing a soft puppycry coming from outside. I grabbed a torch and looked under Mum’s car. These two bright yellow eyes glared back at me and I screamed and ran back inside in fear. My parents eventually coaxed the skinny puppy out from under our car and she was shaking. She had awful rope burn marks around her neck and tail, no collar and was extremely timid. Her “owners” never came forward to collect her. We fed her up and she very soon became a part of our family. I lovingly named her Crofty, after my favourite video game at the time starring Lara Croft. She was an amazing, loyal animal and was constantly grateful for her new, happy home.

croftyMy lovely girl Crofty

So first thing tomorrow it’s off to the shops to get supplies. The Mid West Cat Shelter Inc team have already responded to my email and it looks like my first foster kitties may be some 8 week old kittens!

Have you given an animal their Furrever Home? Have you had any experience fostering before? 


When life gives you lemons, pull out your copy of Photoshop or GIMP :)

What a whirlwind of a fortnight.

I got rejected for a job in a new career path I had been interviewing and sitting exams for since LAST OCTOBER.

I got depressed and resigned from my current job any way.

I bought a $3,000 bed that I now can’t really afford to pay off.

I decided I’ll go back and study. (I’ve had a full time job since I was 17. This shall be interesting)

And then I decided to get crafty.

On my way to the aforementioned job rejection, I popped in quickly to my Mum’s farm to visit my cat, Rolly. (the job interview was slightly out of town, very close to the farm)

I took a few photos, as I do when I visit my Fatman, and one friend made a great comment on a seemingly normal photo.


Bitten by a combination of the inspiration bug and the rejection bug, I Googled random stock photos, double-clicked on GIMP and began to send “Air Rolly” on some adventures.

Much Space.
Very Fence.
Much Travel.
Very Bellagio.
So Dunk. 
Much WoW. Very Moonkin. 
Superior Fly. F**k U Cate Air.
Many romantic. 

Ok… So I got kinda carried away, but it also helped cheer me up and keep positive about my new path in life I had just thrown myself into.

Where do you think Air Rolly should adventure to next?

Moving House!

Havent had much time for anything this past week, however we did secure our new house! Huzzah!
I have also made huge progress on the Crazy for Cats Achieve 😀

Cat, Silver Tabby Cat, Bombay Cat, Cornish Cat, Siamese Cat, Sapphire Cub, Snow Cub, Winterspring Cub, Cheetah Cub, Darkmoon Cub, Nightsabre Cub, Panther Cub, Black Tabby Cat, Fluxfire Feline and White Kitten were all acquired today :) A great effort!!

Crazy For Cats (PTR, hopefully coming in 5.4!)

  • Feline Familiar – Bring on Hallow’s End!
  • Guardian Cub – Petstore has been crashing, will have to wait for this guy
  • Mr. Bigglesworth – Raiding with Leashes is over halfway done!
  • Sand Kitten – Can burn in a fire, still trying to track this badboy down in Tanaris
  • Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen – 30x level 25 pets? Not happening…
  • Spectral Tiger Cub – Not happening, for a casual $900 for the TGC card off eBay!!
  • Spectral Cub – championships 2012, again, this one isn’t happening