Who is Casa?

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Casa is a 29 year old residing on the coast of Western Australia in Geraldton, where she has lived for most of her life. She describes herself as an “extreme cat enthusiast” who has recently qualified as a Veterinary Nurse and is working in a wonderful clinic. She enjoys knitting and travelling the globe, among many other things, but you can always find her volunteering with her local cat shelter in the real world or saving the World of Warcraft.


After deactivating her sub for the year to focus on her studies, Casa missed most of Warlords of Draenor. She did take advantage of the free transfers to Oceanic servers and migrated all of her characters to the Saurfang.

Character Server Level Race Class Faction
Casabella Saurfang 100 Troll Druid Horde2
Casadella Saurfang 93 Night Elf Druid alliance2
Punchdance Saurfang 98 Gnome Warlock alliance2
Casarah Saurfang 91 Blood Elf Priest Horde2
Casakaii Saurfang 90 Dwarf Monk alliance2
Casthene Saurfang 90 Blood Elf Paladin Horde2
Casakawaii Saurfang 61 Pandaren Mage alliance2
Casaponyo Saurfang 65 Gnome Warrior alliance2
Casaprista Saurfang 86 Troll Shaman Horde2
Lluviana Saurfang 85 Blood Elf Hunter Horde2
Casalyn Saurfang 80 Goblin Rogue Horde2


My four share there home with many different foster cats and kittens, whilst Rolly lives out on  my Mother’s farm

Name Nickname Breed Personality
Ponyo PonYOLO Exotic Shorthair Satan.
Cheeky Charlie Charlton DSH Thinks he is a dog
Ares Mez DSH Nervous but friendly
Alex Putty DSH Cuddly baby boy
Rolly Fatman Maine Coon King of the farm


Las Vegas x2, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Fiji x2, New Zealand North Island, Bali – Next up is Japan!

Within Australia
Central Queensland, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and regional South Australia, Perth and extensive regional Western Australia


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